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Ernie Groff, Fitness Instructor

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Ernie Groff

I am the owner and creator of iAMFit Studios. Many years ago I learned the basic fundamentals of exercise science in my job as a Personal Training Director at a large corporation. In short, I was quickly informed that the fundamentals are most important in any craft and that training clients was to educate clients.

After a few years, I was able to save enough money to open my first studio. After cutting ties with my first investment, I searched deep inside my soul for my identity. I suddenly realized that the prior entity was not who I was. I was involved in fitness my whole life. I was consistent with it, I was invested in it, I was true to it. I am not like them. I AM Fit is who I am!

After thinking on it awhile, I used the basics to what I was taught and set out to inform people about their fitness. I AM Fitness was born. iAMFit Studios came alive in January of 2015.

From that day I set out transform as many people possible through education in basic strength training, consistent cardiovascular exercise and meal plans geared towards high protein, low carbs and fat with smaller portioned meals occurring every few hours.

The authentic transformations took off and I got with a local restaurant and designed a meal prep system for the clients to make it even easier. That worked as well and I always used before and after pictures to both motivate my clients and support the methods.

Since 2015, I have worked very in depth with both myself and thousands of clients to a high degree of success with this philosophy. I believe in it very strongly. Every day I pour more hours to supplement the tens of thousands I already have in it. With each day, I improve, the team improve, the system gets better.

With that standing, I invite you into to see for yourself what iAMFit Studios can do for you. Be prepared to feel better, perform at higher levels, be more decisive and most of all… Be prepared to say I AM Fit!

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