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iAMFit boasts an exclusive, top-level training studio. We offer a range of streamlined services to anyone looking for a new level of intensity and actualization:


boxing BoxingBalance your Body and Mind.
  • Boxing isn’t as exclusive or inaccessible as you might think. In fact; it’s a top-notch vehicle for weight loss, sensory precision, and even Team Building.
  • You’ll train one-on-one to sculpt your physique, hone your skill-set and evolve into someone altogether new.
  • Book a slot the next time you’re planning a corporate activity or event!

Weight Loss

Mans Transformation 33.JPG Weight LossRevitalize your sense of Self, Direction and Society.
  • Our weight loss program focuses on the reduction of BMI (Body-Mass-Index) by increasing your metabolism. We pride ourselves in Transformations and Weightloss

Sports Specific Training

pushing and ropes Sports Specific TrainingEmerge with greater Stamina, Endurance and Ability.
  • With a focus on Efficiency-of-Movement, our Sports-Specific Training program allows athletes and trainees to work smarter – not harder.
  • We use uncommon program sequencing to help you reach your maximum threshold potential.


Maximize your Training Potential.
  • Our new iAMFitCamp classes are fast Paced group and Team training focused
  • We will work your whole body with everything from weights to body weight exercises.
  • It has been proven that doing a partner based activity once a week doesn't only help with weight loss it makes you feel better,

Custom Fitness Plans

Custom Fitness Training Plan Reading PA Custom Fitness PlansRegain Muscle, Shape, Definition and Distinction
  • Atrophy causes muscle loss and deterioration – a process that can be reversed and revitalized with the right education and attention
  • Work from a baseline training model to co-create your own unique fitness program.

If you’re tired of the old you and you’re ready to transform – get in touch with iAMFit today!

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Unilateral Shoulder Training

Landmine Shoulder Blast

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