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About iAMFit

IMG_20151117_204309 About iAMFit

What is iAMFIT?
Informed About My Fitness

About IAMFIT What is iAMFIT?
-Informed About My Fitness
  • The i is for information. We use analytical testing to track results via technological methods. We also strive to be available over the Internet for online training. We also want our clients informed as to how and why we do particular exercises and plans. We feel educating clients are better suited for success.
  • The A is for About.
  • The M is for My
  • Informed About My Fitness.

Fitness Isn’t a Fad…

Not A fad IAMFIT Fitness Isn’t a Fad…
Lifelong health isn’t just about diet and exercise.
  • It’s about self-awareness and self-actualization.
  • It’s about knowing what works and what doesn’t.
  • It’s about change, balance and consistency.

You’re not supposed to walk through life sluggish, overweight and out-of-shape – and you’re not supposed to be standing still.

…It’s a Philosophy

Health, Strength and Self-Determination aren’t fads. They’re philosophies – they make the difference between existing and evolving.

The iAMFit difference is a difference in attitude and attention. We know there’s no carbon-copy training mold to fit around your life. You’re real. You’re unique. And you’re you.

Get involved in our innovative, systematic training programs. Meet with an experienced professional to develop a personal fitness format. Get empirical measurements that reflect real changes. Get a sense of your own thresholds – and reach them.

Your fitness training program needs to be personal, professional and transformational.

Philosophy IAMFIT

See What Our Customers Have To Say

Real Customers IAMFIT See What Our Customers Have To Say

Still not sure?

See what our customers have to say or check out some amazing transformations we helped achieve.

You put the work in, you will see and feel the results!

Our methods work. No matter your current fitness level, we can help you reach your goals. Learn more about our programs.

Many people we work with have been dieting and on a workout plan but without the desired results. It's because they have plateaued or are not getting the knowledge and guidance they need to overcome it.

We will push to get you over that hump, focused on the areas that will get you moving.

To keep you motivated, we also offer challenges throughout the year. These are some of our Shred It competitors. They worked hard and made it happen! You can too!

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